Have you ever wondered what happens when a mattress is completely worn out? We usually throw it out and dump it in a bin until someone picks it up and reuse. According to studies and research, it is revealed that approximately 55,000 mattresses go to waste daily. More than 80% of the material in the mattress is reusable or recyclable. So, don’t you think there should be a proper solution to not put materials to waste? 

Well, it turns out that tuft and needle memory foam is one of those mattresses which are recycled and then reused. It is because the structure, size, and dimensions are pretty huge for disposal. 

There are few solutions that actually help the person who wants to get rid of their mattresses and others associated with this industry too. 

Solution 1: Donate Tuft and Needle Memory Foam 

Donation is one of the safest and most workable solutions to get rid of the worn-out mattress. There are many companies that ask their customers to send back the worn-out mattresses. What these companies do is however a tricky question. First thing first, they take out all the usable material and reuse them in making new mattresses. Also, they clean them up and make them reusable for those who don’t have beds or mattresses. This all goes in the charity and donation. 

To run the system, companies go from city to city in the perusal of bringing awareness of how to throw a used mattress. There are campaigns and events in this regard too. As mentioned above, there are companies and NGOs that take mattresses and recycle them. Then the recycled item i.e. mattress is given out to the less privileged people.

Solution 2: State Programs for Recycling Mattresses

Involving the state in recycling programs is another way of handling the situation. There are many companies that have a recycling fee mentioned on receipts. States in the US usually have accepted such programs in which the main aim is to prevent the disposal of used mattresses. So, the fees mentioned in the receipt is used for programs that set up centers for stripping and then reselling of materials. The materials taken from the mattresses are used in either making new mattresses or are given to industries where it can be reused. Interestingly, such programs in the US recycle approximately one million mattresses in 12 months.